Training and Credentials

Catherine is a multi-disciplinary therapist who facilitates people in reconnecting body, mind and soul. This includes helping to break cycles of pain and abuse as well as moving into a deeper connection with body and sensation. Her approach is warm, attentive and safe. Catherine has

  • A top level degree in Cognitive Science and a Masters degree in Osteopathy, reflecting her ongoing interest in understanding how body and mind come together.
  • A Post Graduate Certificate in Pain Rehabilitation from the University of Alberta.

Catherine has a strong science background, and has previous experience working as a psychology research fellow at Exeter University.  She has a real appreciation for peer-reviewed research and uses the latest scientific evidence to support and develop her work. Stories, art, and paying attention to the felt experience of body and life keep her grounded and inspired.

Current training : Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Catherine is currently a student with  Body Intelligence, apprenticing to become a qualified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. This gentle but powerful approach promotes health and vitality, and is especially suited for trauma healing and nervous system re-balancing. As part of her student training, Catherine is offering free 30 minute practice sessions. If you would like to know more about this, please click here to read more information, or apply.

Previous training and credentials :

2019 – Post Grad Certificate in Pain Rehabilitation – University of Alberta
2017 – MBS Professional Practitioner – Mind Body Studies Academy
2012 – Masters Osteopathy degree (MOst) – British School of Osteopathy
2010 – Integrative Fasical release foundation – Steven Goldstein
2009 – Pregancy Massage advanced training – Jing School of Massage
2007 – Hot Stone Fusion therapy – Jing School of Massage
2007 – Myofascial release foundation training – Jing and Myofascial Release Clinic
2006 – Foundation in Holistic Medical Massage
2006 – Swedish Massage Diploma (APNT)
2006 – Anatomy and Physiology Diploma (APNT)
2006 – Ultimate Bodywork Diploma (APNT)
2003 – BSc Cognitive Science – University of Exeter