Wildfox Osteopathy Victoria BC

Catherine Bryant BSc MOst(UK) PgC(Pain)

CatherineTEA_CropCatherine is an Osteopathic Practitioner who specialises in mind-body reconnection and pain rehabilitation.

Her core philosophy is that pleasure, ease, and joy provide far better motivation for transforming our health and life than stress and fear.

Catherine supports people to reclaim their wild vitality, primal knowing and deep satisfaction in daily life. A core part of her work is to help others regain trust in their own bodies, and come to respect and honour their desires.

On this website you will find more information about her work and skills, along with articles, reviews, and writing regarding the fascinating overlap between mind, body, emotions and our wild selves. Catherine has particular interest in the primal living concept, the science of intuitive eating, and methods of reprogramming the nervous system through patterns of thought and movement.

She enjoys walks in nature, dark chocolate, and the simple pleasures of being with family and loved ones. That and tea.

Learn more about me and my mind-body approach to healing.
Learn more about me and my mind-body approach to healing.
Read the personal story behind my love of our wild selves
Read my personal story and motivation for reclaiming our wild selves.
Poem and story behind my name and philosophy