Osteopathy and Massage

I currently provide Osteopathic bodywork and beautiful massage sessions at Wildfox Studio, with appointments available weekdays 10am to 8pm. Earlier appointments may be available if required. Advanced booking essential. Please contact me here, or click the button below to book online.

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Is treatment covered by MSP or extended benefits and how much does it cost?

Treatment with an osteopathic practitioner is not covered by MSP as we are not physicians.  However more and more extended benefits companies will now cover osteopathy so please check with your company for the specifics of your plan. I am a full member of OsteopathyBC and will provide you with stamped receipts to submit to your insurance company.

Current fees are available here.

Osteopathy  : for pain relief and rehabilitation, mind-body health, and transforming your self-care capacity.

Initial consultations are 75 min long, with the option of extending to 90 min. Follow up sessions are 45-75 min.

Osteopathic Deep Relaxation Massage :  for general wellness and health, this combines osteopathic principles and techniques with skilled and sensitive massage. A deep state of relaxation and calm is triggered in the nervous system. This is also suited for sensitive people who find deep tissue massage techniques too strong.

45 min and 75 min sessions available

Current fees are available here.
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“I have found Catherine’s Deep Relaxation Massage an extremely relaxing and beautiful experience. I felt safe to relax and enjoy a calming massage that honored me as a human being, in a conscious and loving way. I would recommend Catherine’s massage to anybody in need of re-centering and being acknowledged as a person worthy of respect and care” Blaze S. – professional artist

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