Mind-Body Counseling

Restoring harmony / reunite mind and body

Traditional western medicine is  based on a philosophical assumption that mind and body are seperate. This has resulted in a system of specialists and experts who treat problems in mind or body. When you don’t feel good in the world and want help, you often have to make an immediate choice – do I need a physician? Or do I need a psychiatrist? A bodyworker or a counselor? Do I need touch or do I need to talk?

Have you ever enjoyed the wonderful experience of a life-altering epiphany? It can happen in a moment, a flash of inspiration and feeling. It could be from anything - a revolutionary weekend workshop, the start of a new diet or detox, falling in love, perhaps even a drug-assisted revelation. Having life-altering experiences can provide real insight to yourself and offer the hope for change - show us a new way of being.  But how many days does that experience last before the old reality comes back?
Have you ever enjoyed the wonderful experience of a life-altering epiphany? how many days does it last before the old reality comes back? I want people to be able to feel alive and inspired on a every day, consistant basis. How we feel in our own bodies has a profound effect on how we experience reality.

Making a choice between mind or body therapy is not always appropriate. There are many cases where a major factor of your problem is arising from conflict between your mind and body. Unless you are able to consider them together, it can be very hard to address this effectively.

Common Mind-body Issues include: chronic stress, reoccuring pains, eating disorders, sexual disorders, numbness, lack of desire, emotional disturbances, listlessness and lack of joy.

Mind-body Counseling teaches people how to reconnect their mind and body in order to reduce stress and improve how they feel on a daily basis. One of the most exciting outcomes is that it brings an awaress and clarity about what they really need in order to look after themselves. In a world full of conflicting information and external rules, being tapped in to your inner knowing is liberating. People can stop being afraid of getting things right or wrong, and instead relax into their own truth. Blocks and limitations are removed, with health and vitality following naturally.

How does it work?

Sessions can be performed both in person and through an online coaching model. In both cases, a combination of talk and body therapy practices are used, with a focus on developing your ability for self-care. I have drawn together time-tested techniques with some of the latest scientific breakthroughs regarding the deeply interelated nature of mind, body and emotions. Issues regarding stress, food, and sex are fantastic starting points for dialogue and exploration.

Mind-body counseling is a systematic process :
Locate where there is a disconnect or conflict between mind-body. We dig down into it, looking for the the root cause of the problem rather than just masking or avoiding the symptoms.
Develop your capacity for mindfulness of emotions, thoughts, and feelings – this increases your self-awareness and presence.
Break down blocks and limitations – these may be beliefs or held in the physical body – in order create more freedom and space.
Explore, experiment and play with new approaches and behaviors. Discover what works best for you and find new satisfaction and enjoyment.
Integrate and ground what has been discovered, creating different daily habits and experiences.

Requirements :

– A willingness to feel difficult or strong emotions.

– A commitment to truth and authenticity.

– An attitude of curiosity and experimentation.

How long does it take?

Mind Body counseling is a process, and as such not suited to one-off sessions. By making the commitment to a set of regular sessions, you are giving yourself the security and continuity to make real progress. I currently offer packages of 3 or 6 months, with 2-4 sessions a month depending on your needs and goals.

If you are curious, I invite you to book a free clarity session with me. This is a no obligation opportunity to find out how I can help you.