Osteopathic Bodywork FAQ

On this page I answer some common questions about my Osteopathic Bodywork.

What is Osteopathic Bodywork?

Osteopathic Bodywork is a manual therapy modality, one which combines medical anatomy and physiology with a truly holistic perspective. A key principle is that the structure and function of the body are related – to maintain good health we need good movement.

Many people think of UK Osteopaths as “Back specialists”, and whilst we have a good evidence base for the treatment of mechanical low back pain, we can actually an influence the whole body including the internal organs. Every Osteopathic practitioner has their own style so it is important to find the right one for you.

My own approach is to focus on assisting the body’s intrinsic self healing mechanisms to restore balance and health. Our bodies stay healthy through free movement and often modern life leads to places not moving as well as they might. In treatment we seek to find these places and restore movement. This may include focused massage work, direct joint manipulation or indirect and gentle techniques. Sessions last around 45-60 minutes, although the first one is an hour and a half to allow a detailed medical history to be taken.

Is this the same as seeing an Osteopath Physician?

No. I am not a licensed physician, and in the USA and Canada can not use the term Osteopath to describe myself.

In British Columbia Osteopath practitioners are unregulated. Some Osteopathic practitioners are members of OsteopathyBC, this is a voluntary society but offers no legal protection to consumers. I have chosen to maintain full registration with the UK professional body, the General Osteopathic Council, and continue to to adhere to their high standards. I also am fully insured to practice in BC.

In the UK practicing as an Osteopath means being a member of a profession, adhering to a strict code of conduct and completing 4-5 years of intense medical training. This includes competency in recognizing conditions that need referral to other medical disciplines, making Osteopathic Practitioners a safe initial port of call for those suffering from painful symptoms.

Osteopathic Practitioners are similar in approach to Naturopaths, however our specialty is using manual therapy and massage skills. I do not perform surgery, nor prescribe drugs or other supplements.

What can it help with?

Osteopathy is founded on the principle that your body has it’s own inherent capacity to heal. Rather than treating the symptoms or disease, I see my role as listening to and assisting these inner mechanisms to restore your vitality and wellbeing. I work together with you to seek, find and remove the blocks and limits that are reducing your capacity for health. Even with complex and chronic conditions, I believe there is always something that can be adapted to allow you to find more ease, less pain and more pleasure in life.

In particular I provide:

Relief from Acute and Chronic Pain – I go beyond traditional body work by delving into the habits, patterns and limiting beliefs that are contributing to your chronic or reoccurring pain conditions. For acute pain episodes, I help you to understand what predisposed it and how to limit or avoid it in the future. I will help you gain responsibility and awareness to know how to better care and look after yourself, rather than be dependent on health practitioners to ‘fix’ you.

Recovering from Chronic Stress and Exhaustion – I can help with anxiety, fear, insomnia, depression, adrenal fatigue, burn out, and the inability to let go or relax. We will work together simultaneously on your body and mind to achieve effective and lasting change. Stress and mental health issues affect us all differently and this is reflected in a very personalized service. Transformation starts with you receiving nourishing support and care.

Questions? Contact me or Book a free clarity session.