What I Offer

I offer specialized mind-body treatments, counseling and workshops to help with the following :

Recovering from Chronic Stress and Exhaustion – I can help with anxiety, fear, insomnia, depression, adrenal fatigue, burn out, and the inability to let go or relax. We will work together simultaneously on your body and mind to achieve effective and lasting change. Stress and mental health issues affect us all differently and this is reflected in a very personalized service. Transformation starts with you receiving nourishing support and care.

Unlock Intuitive Eating and Body Awareness – ditch the diets and restrictive regimes! Instead come to know and trust in your own body guidance to achieve the healthiest life supporting choices. This is a radical and courageous journey and I offer a lot to support and encourage you. The freedom you gain will give you incredible energy, enthusiasm and resource to create the life you really want.

Relief from Acute and Chronic Pain – I go beyond traditional body work by delving into the habits, patterns and limiting beliefs that are contributing to your chronic or reoccurring pain conditions. For acute pain episodes, I help you to understand what predisposed it and how to limit or avoid it in the future. I will help you gain responsibility and awareness to know how to better care and look after yourself, rather than be dependent on health practitioners to ‘fix’ you.


And for pure relaxation and enjoyment :

Sacred Arts Massage – pure pleasure and relaxation, this is the distillation of 8 years of massage experience. I also provide training intensives to other holistic practitioners or individuals looking to learn the art of beautiful touch.

How to work with me?

In Person:

I’m available at Wildfox Studio, Sutlej Street in Victoria BC, right in Cook Street Village, with appointments Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

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Pricing :

Osteopathic Bodywork – Initial consultation : $100, follow up $50-$120.

Sacred Arts Massage – 90 minute full massage : $140

Mind-Body Counseling – 3 or 6 month program, various rates available

Intuitive Eating counseling – 3 sessions for $180

Work with me Online:

I also offer one on one skype and phone sessions, with group sessions in development. I will be working with your body through guided exercises, energy work and teaching you self-care body skills. This a convenient way to gain mind-body counseling in your own home

Pricing :

Mind-Body Counseling – 3 or 6 month program

Intuitive Eating counseling – 3 sessions for $180

Want to know how I can help you specifically, or the best treatment option for you? Contact me to book your free clarity session